Pressing Through

Today I had to press through to pray for what really needed to be prayed for. I was successful too, thanks to my Jesus and a friend calling at just the right time. The Lord is so good that way. I am so very glad it is not just coincidence; it’s Jesus!!

I want to say that I am going back to a place I was with the Lord, but it is so much more than that. I feel like I am going back to that place in the midst of going into a deeper place. I pray I never look at it casually when this happens. I love going deeper in the Lord. I love getting closer to Him with freedom, and none of the constraints that would liked to be strapped to me.

There is so much legalism that I have let go of, the old arguments going through my brain are gone; it’s just stopping, waiting, listening and moving forward.  Sometimes the old legalism wants to come back, new despair wants to set in…then comes my Comforter. Then I can move forward in the prayers He guides me in.

Thank you, Papa.


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