Ahren in the Rain

Ahren in the Rain

It rained today!!! I woke up early this morning to the rain pounding on the window. Thank you Lord!!! I have been waiting for this rain for so long.  We have had enough rain to almost get the lake back to level and to lessen the drought status some, but it was still not enough.

I have felt that the lack of rain in the natural was a reflection of the lack of spiritual rain. In the midst of a great blessing in my life, the birth of my son Ahren, was the greatest test so far of entrusting myself, my heart, my desires…all of me to the Lord. I was in a spiritual drought.

I feel like this is the turning point. I called a friend to make sure she had the abundance of rain falling over her home. The phrase abundance of rain reminded her of the Carman song Abundance of Rain. Here is a little bit from the song:

Lately I’ve been feeling dry as a bone, like the Holy Spirit has
found a new home,
Yet, by faith, I still can see the cloud of glory that’s been so
familiar to me,
My spirit’s been dry and barren to rain,
Yet I hear the sound of the abundance of rain,
I’m hoping and a-trusting the drought will soon end, and the living
water will bubble again,
Well, I feel a rumble, I hear a crash, telling me the answer’s on the
way here at last,
I’m waiting for revival, soon to begin,
Yet I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.

I have been feeling for quite a while that change is coming, but it has been especially strong lately. In reflecting back to other times of change in my life I am reminded of how the Lord has carried me through. I do not know what is about to occur, but I know He will guide us through it.

I have set my heart to seek the Lord on all of this. (Even now the rain is starting back up again!!!! Pour down on us Lord!!!) I wonder what He is doing. It is significant to me also that 3 years ago this Saturday, my dad went to be with the Lord.

Papa, what is this new thing You are doing?


2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Often poetry doesn’t “speak” to me.. but your poem “Abundance of Rain” sure does. It speaks to me of our dry non discerning nature and God’s moisturizing presence. I’m so glad you followed me on twitter today. Looking forward to getting to know you better my sister.

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