Choices, Decisions, and the Breaking of Ties

I started this post on September 29th, one month to the day. I think I will actually post it today. 🙂

For a while I was thinking about and sharing choices I have had in the past, the decisions I made from those choices, and the ties that were broken as a result of some of those decisions. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, those decisions brought me freedom.

I am going to share an example of what looks like a relatively small choice and decision, but has had a great impact on my life. It all had to do with the making of my bed; something small, but very significant.

Here were my choices: Do I even make my bed? Well, if I decide to make my bed then how will I make it? Will I just toss the covers so they are spread out more, and not however they landed after my nocturnal tossing? Will I make it nice, but not tuck in the sheet all the way around? Will I make it nice and tuck the sheet in? If I tuck the sheet in, will I just tuck the sheet in at the foot of the bed, or all the way around the bed? If I just tuck the sheet in at the foot, will I make it a nice, secure tuck, or do I just stuff the sheet under the mattress at the foot, and be done with it?

Now, I understand you might be thinking, so what? What is the big deal? It’s simple really. Have you ever been in a place where you needed to take ownership of your life in a tangible way? Have you ever been in a place where life is out of control, and what should normally be a simple decision, is not? This place in life is the perfect place for the Lord to establish in you the ability to make a decision of your own choosing. You already have this ability, but when things are in an emotional upheaval it is very hard to see. Even when things are not crazy in life, it can be hard to see.

So here I am, getting frustrated about my bed making choices, and I decide my course of action. I choose to make my bed nice, with the sheet stuffed under the mattress at the foot of the bed. This does make for some nice and easy bed making! 🙂 Just pull the covers up, and smooth out. All done. Now, if you don’t make your bed this way, I certainly don’t hold it against you. This is just how I make my bed.

This was a choice with no right or wrong decision. It was just a matter of me deciding how I prefer to make my bed. Now sometimes I don’t make my bed, and it looks really cozy every time I walk by it; just ready for me to jump in and take a nap. While at other times the sight of the unmade bed drives me up the wall, and I make it as soon as possible. Sometimes I even make my bed to please my husband, and that is freedom in itself because he has not placed that expectation upon me. He is simply happy to be home with his wife and child.

Of course, there are still times when bed-making legalism comes a-calling, and I have to decide how much I care if I bed is made or not. I usually choose to make my bed because to me it brings order and peace to my bedroom.

This decision, however simple, huge, stupid or whatever, was enough to plant in me the ability to make a decision from the choices laid out before me, and to decide for myself that my preference was allowed in my life. It also helped to lead me through breaking soul ties that would have kept me from moving forward into my destiny.


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