Review of The Chronological Study Bible

Ok, folks, here is my review of The Chronological Study Bible from Thomas Nelson, Inc. I have to say that I absolutely love this Bible. It is an appropriate tool for anyone new to reading the Word as well as those who have been reading it for years. It certainly would have been a nice addition in my Old & New Testament Survey classes in bible school. The elements that make this book unique are clearly explained up front, and are arranged within the text in a way that enhances my study time.

The maps, illustrations, nuggets of history, etc. give a reasonable perspective of bible times. A quick look at what else was going on in the world makes it interesting. Psalms take on new meaning as they are placed within the context of David’s life and the people of Israel. The books of the prophets are interspersed thoughtfully within the history of Israel. The birth of my Savior is aligned with like chapters. The epistles of Paul are spread along his journeys in Acts.

This Bible is also an answer to prayer. I have prayed for my reading of the Word to stay fresh, and to be opened up to me in a new way. I look forward to reading it more and more.


One thought on “Review of The Chronological Study Bible

  1. Sounds really interesting – and helpful. I love Bible study aids. Thanks for the review!

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