Changing of Mindsets and Times of Transition

I have been thinking a lot about transition lately, and what it feels like. The Lord has allowed me to recall times of  past transition; what emotions I felt and the thoughts I had along with the circumstances during that time. Recently, I had a perfect example of this during a routine task. I was at my old PC about to print something when I began to miss it (It is soon to go to a new home). I recalled all the things I like about it, but mostly I was thinking of how familiar and comfortable my whole home office setup is.

Almost immediately I realized where my thoughts were going, and I turned to look at my new laptop. Why would I go back to the old when the new was before me? Yes, there were good times utilizing the old pc, but there were also frustrating times. All in all it’s a good computer, and will serve the new owner well, but it no longer meets the needs of our family.

This line of thinking, of course, leads to our beloved people of Israel and their exodus from the land of their captivity. Egypt served a purpose for Israel. However, that was not the territory they were meant to possess. Yes, that is all they knew, but it was time to live in the fullness of what they were intended for. It was time to begin to fulfill the promise of the Lord to Abraham. It was time to move onto the new. To do that they had to transition. In order to transition well they had to learn to think differently.

Sometimes it is so hard to change our thinking when we are surrounded by what we know.  Almost a year ago I saw the movie The Holiday for the first time. The leading ladies in this movie traveled to other continents to escape their current situation for a time, and were able to find freedom from that which held them captive. To do this they had to change their thinking. They had to stand up for themselves, for what’s right, and slam the door in the face of lies, confusion and condemnation. Listening to the lies, confusion, and condemnation is what keeps us from thinking differently, and from being open to the freedom transition brings.

Personally, I want to embrace the examples of transition that the Lord brings my way. I want to let go of my old, ineffective way of thinking and pursue the best way of thinking that the Lord has for me. I want to transition well.


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