Book Review: NKJV Greatest Stories of the Bible

Here is my review of the NKJV Greatest Stories of the Bible. First, let’s look at the physical features.  The cover is simple and the faux journal look is nice. The layout and design of the pages are appealing, and tie in very nice with the cover.

­­­This edition of Bible stories is great for a variety of uses. It’s perfect for personal or family devotions. The chapters are short enough for you to read in one sitting, and allow for discussion/prayer time in a group setting where you may have time constraints. I loved reading it at night just before bed. I can see it being a great gift for someone who is new to reading the Bible and overwhelmed with where to start.

I love the word of God anyway I can get it. There are nuggets of wisdom to gain and insights given whether it’s an in depth study, or a deceptively simple story. ­­­ This edition is a great way to help breathe life into one’s Bible reading.

Please note that I have received this book for free from the publisher, and the review is my own opinion.  I am making this statement in accordance to FTC guidelines.

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