Little Reminders

Sometimes I need to be hit over the head with a reminder that the Lord knows what is going on in my life, and that nothing in my life escapes His notice. Or sometimes it’s a little reminder that comes in the form of waking up to my 3 year old standing by my bed, obviously not feeling well, asking to be held.

Such a request from him is out of the ordinary these days so I usually need to evaluate what might be wrong. The past few days have had the obvious signs of a cold. Yet I wonder what else he might be feeling. Does he have a headache? Does his little body ache? Sore throat? At this point I can attempt to ask him, but what it really comes down to is me realizing the Lord knows all those things that concern me about my son being sick.

So Friday morning I’m holding Ahren, wondering my mommy concerns, not feeling well myself, when I start to think about the Lord knowing about it all. He knows exactly what’s wrong with Ahren, with me. Inside and out.

So why fret? Why worry? He knows every little bit of my life. Nothing is hidden. Nothing is outside of his notice. And He wants to know all those aspects of my life. Because He loves me.

Ok, so maybe this little reminder from the Lord might actually be a ‘hit over the head’ reminder. I hope I remember this during my next fret over something session.

Our inner selves wait [earnestly] for the Lord; He is our Help and our Shield. For in Him does our heart rejoice, because we have trusted (relied on and been confident) in His holy name. Let Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, be upon us, in proportion to our waiting and hoping for You. – Psalm 33:20-22 AMP


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