I just read a blog post from a lady who, while listening to her husband in conversation, had a moment of some memories that reminded her she has a great husband.

I love those times when I too am reminded of the treasure I have in Jim. So now whoever reads this gets to put up with some of them. 🙂

  • The initial “he likes me!” look that has turned into an “I love you” look.
  • Going on walks all the time and talking for hours.
  • His hugs.
  • His voice when he prays for us.
  • The times I was so sick he needed to take off from work to care for me.
  • Seeing the depth of love Jim had for my dad when he died.
  • Seeing and hearing him interact with our son.
  • Hearing his voice everyday when he calls during lunch.
  • Remembering when he said his love for me was not based upon the bed being made everyday.
  • Seeing him be a brother to our friends when they need support.
  • Seeing his love and care for our family.
  • He takes out the garbage all the time and unasked.
  • Frequently does a load of laundry or something else around our home.

    Hmmm…the list can go on and on…the Lord has blessed me in deed.


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