Letting Go

Picture this: A stretchable rope is tied around your waist, and the other end is anchored tight to something behind you. As you walk forward you think you are walking in complete freedom, unhindered. Then the rope starts to gain some tension, but since you can still move you decide to continue on. Frustration builds as the ropes stretches out more and more until you can no longer move forward.

You try a different direction. Same thing. So you stop to assess the situation. Why can’t you move forward? A memory crosses your mind of the family dog chasing a squirrel, and it’s sudden comical stop as it reaches the end of its chain. You remember you laughed at the dog when he did that. A lot. Now you start to sympathize with the dog, and you are very glad the rope is around your waist instead of your neck.

Ok. What do you do now? Do you retrace your steps to try to untie the rope at the other end? If you do that the rope is still tied around your waist, and you would have to carry around the whole thing.

Do you try to untie the rope that’s around your waist? If you choose this method the rope is still anchored to something at the other end, but since it’s not tied to you anymore you just might be okay with that. You figure out how to untie the rope, let it fall to the ground, and move on.

Wait a minute. Is there a small chance you might get near this rope again? Do you want to risk getting tied up again? Or does this situation call for you to untie both ends, and throw away the rope altogether? Hmm…this just might be the better solution.

Now to figure out how to untie that unseen, emotionally restricting rope.


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