Book Review: A Year With God by R.P. Nettelhorst

A Year with God by R.P. Nettelhorst is a 365 day paper back devotional book. Each day contains an excerpt from the Old Testament along with a few paragraphs intended for deeper understanding.  While this book contains a moderate consistency in its visual form that is acceptable to my eye, I am left with feeling some things are missing in the content. I have not found anything to be in error, and I understand the point of the devotional is God’s Word in the OT, but the absence of the New Testament makes the devotions feel incomplete.

The summaries, though helpful to get the point of the text, lack a depth of personal application to help tie in the information that had just been read, and seem to end abruptly. I am not new to seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible, and I love to gain more knowledge of Scripture, but I personally walked away feeling detached from what I just read. Suggestions that come to mind: Questions to make one think about applying the devotion to ones own life, or a suggested reading of additional scripture(s) in the NT that would tie in with that particular days reading.


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