The Cake We Actually Get To Eat

One morning I started thinking about the phrase to have one’s cake and eat it too, and how God makes this possible.

It might be different than we expect it to be.

The cake we get to eat might be MORE than we expect it to be.

After this thoughtful moment I went on with my morning until Jim starts sharing this article he is reading about a cookie lady on the Appalachian Trail. For over 30 years, this beloved lady offered rest to the weary which encouraged them to continue their journey. She gave them cookies. She offered them shelter. Instead of traveling as she desired, Jane Curry met people from every state in the U.S., and about that many countries.

The cake she  wanted was to travel. The cake she got to eat involved meeting thousands of people from around the world. She impacted the globe from where she lived.

I can’t help but relate this story to God’s heart for us. He takes what we want, and He gives us more. From the heart of our desire He brings forth something that is infinitely more precious.


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